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Datuk Ahmad A. Talib JP



Members Board of Trustees

  1. Datuk Mior Kamarulbaid Mior Shahid
  2. Datuk Dr. Freezailah Che Yom
  3. Datuk Yong Soo Heong




Our Mission Statement
What we believe in...

WE, VOLUNTEERS OF SALAM, dedicated to achieving the goals of a civil society where every individual will have the opportunity to lead a life of dignity and fulfillment, hereby pledge:

To uphold and practice the spirit of volunteerism To share knowledge and experience with sincerity and humility To respect the traditions and cultures of other communities To foster friendship and solidarity among all peoples



Who we are
Salam in brief...

THE FOUNDING OF YAYASAN SALAM Malaysia is based on a very simple philosophy: that people everywhere are entitled to live in an environment that is just and equitable, and pursue a life of dignity and fulfillment. The goal of civil society is to ensure that people are helped to lead better lives.

Yayasan Salam regards volunteer work as a meaningful way to bring about change. Volunteer work helps to build strong communities by cultivating an ethic of sharing, helping and caring. Through Yayasan Salam, Malaysians now have the opportunity to contribute towards the building of civil society when they serve as volunteers at home and overseas.

SALAM volunteers work with people and communities in need, sharing with them their knowledge and skills, and building capabilities. We believe many Malaysians, especially youths, would like to contribute to this effort. Those who become SALAM volunteers will be placed to work with requesting organisations at home and abroad.

The launching of Yayasan Salam is significant in one other respect. For many years Malaysia has been a recipient of aid and assistance from many developed countries. This has contributed in no small measure to our development and progress as a nation. Our success of recent times has given us the confidence and reinforced our commitment to reach out and share our knowledge and expertise with others, within the limits of our resources and capabilities. In this context, the formation of a national volunteer corps and the sending of volunteers across borders is an expression of a new dimension in our nationhood.

The formation of Yayasan Salam underscores our belief that people must make a deliberate effort to reach out to other people to help build a better world. Our mission is to give expression to this objective through volunteer effort. Let us all join hands and together seek to make a meaningful difference.

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Site: www.salam.org.my
Email: info@salam.org.my
Address: No 22, Jalan Changgai 6/22, 46200, Petaling Jaya, Selangor., Malaysia.