Part Time Volunteer

Part time volunteer :


MANY PEOPLE ARE NOT able to become full-time volunteers but can spend a few hours occasionally to do some volunteer work. This can be just a few hours a week, part of a weekend, or on a "when needed" basis. Such volunteers are classified as part-time or ad hoc volunteers.


SALAM welcomes such volunteers and will refer them to organisations which have expressed a need for part-time volunteer help. These organisations will generally be operating in the locality of the volunteer's work place or residence. The two parties will then meet to work out detailed arrangements among themselves. Part-time volunteers do not receive any allowance from SALAM.


SALAM acts as a referral centre that maintains the names and details of people who want to do part-time volunteer work, and refers them to organisations which have indicated their need for part-time volunteer help. Arrangements will be made for you and the requesting organisation to get in touch with each other to finalize placement arrangements.




Full Time Volunteer
Dedicated volunteer...

Full time volunteer :


SALAM VOLUNTEERS WORK FULL-TIME WITH THE organizations they are assigned to. The preferred length of service is at least six months, although shorter working stints may be arranged in certain circumstances, particularly for people who are engaged in highly specialized or technical fields.


SALAM volunteers receive an allowance sufficient to meet board and lodging expenses. This ranges from RM 600 to RM 800 a month, depending on the cost of living in the area where they work. If lodging is provided, the quantum will be adjusted. Volunteers are also given medical and personal accident insurance coverage.

When SALAM volunteers are assigned to a requesting organization, they become "employees" of that organization. Although SALAM provides these volunteers with an allowance and monitors their work, the volunteers report to the organization they are placed with and take instructions from their staff.


SALAM volunteers may work overseas or at home. Where a volunteer works depends on the placement positions available at a particular point in time, and a person's skills and preferences. Volunteer work within the country or overseas is equally important and rewarding.



Why Volunteering?

Some of the benefits of volunteering 
You can:


  • Make new friends
  • Explore career and personal interests Earn great recommendations for future employment or college applications Develop marketable job skills
  • Build your resume
  • Enrich your education
  • Uncover hidden skills and talents increase your self-confidence
  • Have fun "Make a Difference"














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